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๐Ÿก Cute Island Builder Music Pack! ๐Ÿ๏ธ 

If you're looking for Unique Music Assets which can really help get your Game/Project Groovin', then YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!

The 'Cute Island Builder Music Pack!' is a HQ asset pack of passion made by 'Nathan Cleary Music!' and features a homage to some fantastic casual games. With the access and flexibility of individual track stems, the possibilities and applications are endless!

Plug in as is for an instant vibe, or manipulate, experiment and create what's in your head!

Instrument Files Included in this Pack:


Bridge Synth


Drone SFX



Lead Synth 1

Lead Synth 2

Lead Synth 3

Main Drums

Singing Synth

MS20 Siren SFX


Drums & Percussion

Mixes Included in this Pack:

Full Master

Full Mix (No Limiting etc)

Drums, Chords & SFX Master

Drums, Chords & SFX Mix (No Limiting etc)

No Melodies Master

No Melodies Mix (No Limiting etc)

Don't cut corners on your in-game tracks, get all the stems, fun and flexibility of creating your own custom tracks from the pack.

AUDIO DEMO -> https://nathancleary.bandcamp.com/album/cute-island-builder-music-pack

Pack Details:

โ€ข All Audio Assets are rendered in WAV at 44.1Khz and 24Bit for ultimate quality and downsampling options.

โ€ข  1 Song including Infinitely Looped, Tails Only & No Tails to provide the easiest and most flexible implementation options to help Get Your Game Moving!

โ€ข  Selected Group Masters which have been carefully selected and Professionally Mastered for the ultimate balance of speed of use and audio quality!


Thank you. I sincerely hope you enjoy my work and have lots of fun making new creations for the world to see! Also be sure to post or send me what you're working on with the assets.

Nathan Cleary

Follow @ncleary123 on Twitter for Audio Asset Pack Updates (https://twitter.com/Ncleary123)

For any enquiries, you can contact me at: NathanClearyMusic@Gmail.com

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