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I get the following message "Failed to create PayPal payment (422)"

Hey, I'm aware and not sure what the issue is. I've contacted support but they have said nothing is wrong on my end. If it's not working, maybe contact them or you can alternatively pick up the pack on the Unity Asset Store.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi. The payment button is not working :S

I get the following message "Failed to create PayPal payment (422)"

Hey,  not sure what the issue is but I reconnected to Paypal so maybe give it another shot and let me know how it goes! (Thanks for letting me know!)

Hi, Still the same message. I only see the price in JPY. But I got it from the unity store. Thanks :) 


Thanks! but not sure what the issue is so I'll be sure to get in touch with Itch Support to try and sort it out! ;)

Yo, any updates? I have the same problem too.


I've contacted support to see what the issue might be but you can also pick this pack up from the Unity Asset Store as a temporary workaround:

Sorry for the hassle!


Beautifully done, very high quality and amazing value. This is about $23 USD and worth it. Wonderful work!

thanks, you saved me a few clicks

Thanks for the kind words!

These are gorgeous. I've been searching for the perfect sfx, both free and paid, for months to no avail. Looks like I hit the jackpot with this one ;)
Thank you!

Thanks so much! :)

I'm confused on this one - is this music + art, or are the art assets not included in this bundle? 


This is a 'Music & SFX Asset Pack' so it only includes the Music, SFX and all Audio Stems.

If you're looking for the 'Art Assets' you'll need to head over to Phil's page ->



You should consider writing that in the cover :)

The title says 'Cute n' Colorful 'Pixel Art Platformer' Audio Asset Pack!' which seems pretty clear unless I'm missing something? Let me know ;)

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 I am merely assessing the situation from a design standpoint. It would absolutely help you avoid this type of confusion in the future . I also went to the asset pack thinking it was visuals.