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u should listen to the sounds and the music of this game!!

Could you remove the copyright music? I'd love to stream the game

love the game 

I had a brilliant time playing this game!

the graphics were brilliant but the audio in particular was very well done.

Aside from Frank Sinatra coming on (had to play over it for copyright but thorougly enjoyed it in game) it was a brilliant horror game. 

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Awesome! Glad to hear it and hope you come back to play some more of my releases! :)

:D i like this game, but hard to get Key item... Thank you !

Thanks for playing! :)

I really enjoyed the game, waiting for the full version :)

Thanks so much! :)

I really enjoyed the game, more so that it left me hungry for more! You did an incredible job of providing us with a very tense atmosphere. Your use of sound was absolutely incredible! Very well detailed. The game overall looked fantastic and played very smoothly! Congrats! You can check out my experience of the game in the video down below πŸ˜

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Excellent! Thanks so much for playing and everyone reacting to the TV bug I missed is making me facepalm while watching haha

Great game! Nice atmosphere and creepy monsters. Good jump scares! Game here: 

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Hey thanks so much for playing!

The Frank Sinatra Music is a placeholder and will be swapped out in a future update also ;) 

whats difference in 2 builds

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Hey, one is actually a debug build which is used for development which I should remove to be honest! (But might be fun for you to see how everything is triggered)

Nice Game, short but had some good scares :) Like the sound and the Graphics

Thanks! :)


Graphically amazing and sound quality is top notch, bravo πŸ‘ 

Thanks so much! 

This was an amazingly polished game. The details and even the small sound effects were nice touches. Overall wonderful job and i cant wait to see the full development! Much love 

Haha love your commentary dude! Thanks for playing! ;)

The game was great, I am surprised that I was able to easily find so many small keys within the game. You did great on the audio. It all felt diegetic to the world, especially the people  behind the doors, the quality was really high compared to what you can casually find on itch.

Thanks! Your kind comments mean a lot! :)

Not bad, it was eerie throughout the game, but the ending definitely needs an update. Maybe like a fight or chase sequence. Otherwise, it's pretty good so far.


I would love to do this, but this is unfortunately mainly an audio demo so out of scope of my solo dev abilities! :(

This was an amazingly polished game. The details and even the small sound effects were nice touches. Overall wonderful job and i cant wait to see the full development! Much love 

It`s cool game.



Amazed at the visuals in this one and also love the creature designs. Would love to see a longer version on steam some day :)


Haha I LOVE your commentary on this! 

Awesome game, but I didn't upload it cause of Frank Sinatra's music which is Copywrite. Still, well-done on this game!

Ahh I see, I actually have that as a placeholder so will be looking to replace it in a future update!

I will be playing this live 6/10 around 7 EST =)

The sound design of the game is solid and it was a blast to just listen to. Keep up the good work.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Thanks so much! :)

HOLLY FUCK, this game is SICK, you can add more thing to the game, like a menu and settings, that would be great


Thanks a bunch! I'd love to have a team to build this out with but for now, thanks for your kind words! :)


Thanks for playing!